Talent Show

Today, my boy, you were a champ. Some parents might think being a champ has to do with being the best or winning the trophy, but to me it means stepping out of your comfort zone to do something that you might be afraid to do.

When you told me last month you wanted to be in the talent show, I was a little surprised. Though you like to talk and can never seem to sit still, you are not exactly the “look at me” kid. You work hard but don’t ask for recognition nor seek attention from others. Quite frankly, you don’t like the attention, and you have the most beautiful gaze downward when you are put in the spotlight.

Once you (and your buddy) had got word you had made it, panic started to sink in. What once filled you with excitement, now filled you with anxious thoughts and self-doubt.

We talk a lot about this. The word can’t is forbidden in our house, amongst other things that occasionally slip out of my mouth. It doesn’t mean can’t is not said, but when we catch it we make sure to correct you and your sisters.

Self doubt and negative words can fill our heads and consume our thoughts and actions before we know it. What you say or think, especially about yourself, becomes more real in your head by simply repeating those things. You must remember to change your mindset. To believe in yourself. To believe in the purpose you were created for. And gosh darn it, always tell yourself how special, important, smart, brave, loved you are simply because you are you.

I can’t say for sure if you will ever participate in another talent show in the future or not, but today you did. And you did great. And you should be proud. And Jesus bless the teachers who came on stage with you to help. I’m not sure if that was planned, but the Lord always seems to have his hand in our lives orchestrating what becomes.

How thankful I am for that.

We sure do love you G










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