Amazon Friday Finds – Savings to Break a SWEAT…Workout Edition

Ok, I know this might be cliche. In fact, it definitely is cliche. But, as the New Year approaches I typically reflect on the things I did well and not so well during the previous year. I try and challenge myself in both the good and bad.

For me, working out got the back seat. I mean the furthest back seat. Past that third row!!! I put everything else in front of it. I could put it on working full-time, having 3 kids, but those really are not good excuses to not invest in myself and my health.

I actually like working out. Not the insane, intense workouts (kind of over that), but the let’s clear my mind, and focus on me type (AKA walking/jogging). When I do workout, I feel like I’m investing in myself not only for the health purpose, but it is the only time in my day when it’s quiet. Truly quiet. Some days I do nothing but pray. Other days I will turn on one of my favorite podcasts or some type of personal development. It’s quite therapeutic. And now that I’m writing this…I’m wondering how did I not do this for myself this past year. Ha! Let’s get over it and get it this next year.

I thought this week I would share some of my favorite workout/lounge apparel items from Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, you by no means have to have cute workout gear to go to the gym. That’s insane. However, these are a few affordable items, that for me are practical in helping me get to the gym. Hello, high waisted yoga pants and sports bra made for some high impact!

These yoga pants are in my top 5 things I’ve ever purchased from Amazon (not just including apparel). They are perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, or even just lounging…we all deserve to do that too.

They are made primarily from nylon with some spandex. I knew this meant they likely wouldn’t shrink much if thrown in the dryer. Everything goes in the dryer in our house. They run TTS. I ordered a small, and they are a great fit for me.

They even have a 100% money back guarantee (WOW!). They must be pretty confident in their product to offer that. I sure am sold! There are a ton of color options, and even an option to purchase 2 at a time to save a little money! Check them out here, or you can view all products directly linked at the bottom of this post.

Next, let’s talk sports bras. I cannot even imagine for those ladies who need to wear 2 to support all you have been blessed with. Whew.

For me, there’s not much to support, but support is still important. These are amazing! I only have to wear one, and I feel comfortable as I’m jogging that things are staying in place. I’m giggling as I’m writing this…I have no clue why. How old am I?!

But in all honesty, these are great quality and support… and the price is on point! I grabbed the three pack, but wish I would’ve have gotten the four. See all the options available here. The price goes way down if you are buying the packs vs individually. I grabbed a medium based on recommendations from my bra size. They fit perfectly so make sure you stay TTS. Make sure to reference the size chart when choosing a size that would be right for you.

Lastly, these tops. They are a racerback style, and very lightweight and stretchy. There are a lot of different color options, but again ordering as a pack gives you more savings. After trying what I ordered on, I would say order TTS or even a size up. I am wearing a medium. They fit a little more snug around my hips. A little too big in the chest. However, a small though fitting me in the chest would have clung to the hips. I don’t like cling. At all. See all the options here.

And a little bonus, that is not apparel, are these cute little earbuds. They are my favorite. They fit awesome in my ear, and I am not having to constantly reposition them as I workout. You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?!

For a while I would just buy a replacement at the Dollar Tree, but those were terrible. They may be fine for listening to music while sitting, but they just don’t cut it when I’m moving around.

That’s how I discovered these…at just over $5, they are my go to replacements. And with spending the few extra dollars I am getting better about keeping up with them! But seriously, am I the only one who loses a dozen of these each year?! See the different color options here.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post. I always love sharing. I would love to hear what goals you have this upcoming year!

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