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Christmas…it’s one of my favorite times of the year. It is also a time when I typically go over budget. So here I am today, to help you find an affordable option for those Christmas parties that will keep you looking stunning but not break the bank. Let’s be honest, probably the last thing we want to splurge money on during the holiday season is a Christmas dress we may likely only wear a couple times. Or, if you are like me once…unless it’s black. Black is timeless.

Ok, here we go!!! And I admit I may have went a little heavy on the velvet, but I can’t resist it!!!

I love everything about this option. The color, the fit, the length. It is a wrap tie dress so you have a couple different options on how it is tied. I choose to tie mine in the back. It is pretty tied with the bow on the side as well. It has a pretty v-neck that could be as deep as you’d like just be re-positioning some fabric.

I purchased it in a small. I’m not sure what the difference is between the two reds, but for what it is worth I choose the upgrade-red wine. I guess because who wouldn’t want a free upgrade?! This dress also comes in black. It is GORGEOUS and ONLY $26.99!!! Nothing about this dress says $26.99.

I would definitely pair with a heel vs wedge, but to be honest Jeremy and I took these pictures last night trying to beat the sun and I grabbed the first black shoe I saw. Our whole house was a mess last night. You should see Nora when we are doing this…she’s usually screaming “Momma” the entire time because she really prefers to be a held an awful lot lately.

Red Velvet Dress

Next up…let’s go for our other velvet option. This one too, I love! It has a deeper v-neck cut, but you’re not able to change the way it falls here as much as the previous option. However, I really the cut and think it’s tasteful. The whole dress is stretchy…everyone’s favorite word. And, the waist has these pretty ruffled layers that makes the dress more flattering on. One more thing, I promise. The irregular hem is perfect! It shows off a little more leg, but again very tasteful.

This dress also comes in black and wine. I ordered a size medium. And best thing…it’s only $32.99!!! (Ditto on the heel vs wedge)

Green Velvet Dress

This next dress is the most expensive option, but seeing that it is black I think it would likely get more wear than the others (previous 2 both have black options). If lace is your thing this is your dress. And the bell sleeve is just a big bonus!!! It says to size up so I ordered a medium, and have a little extra room. It looks great paired with the wedges I have on, but heels would dress your look up a little more. It is $38.99, and comes in a TON of other colors including wine for the holiday season.

Black Cocktail Party Dress


Last option is extremely flowy, and the least form fitting of all the other options. If comfort is what you are going for this is your dress. Or, if you’re not needing anything extremely dressy, the first option how I have it styled could be perfect to dress it down a little.

Less dressier option: I paired it here with a pair of my favorite wedges and a thin belt to define my waistline which helped to add a little extra accessory to it (I couldn’t find my taupe color to match my wedges, but you get the point here).

Dressier option: No belt, dressier wedge, and super flowy fit=happy woman! You could also do a simple longer necklace here. Nothing big, especially at the neckline.

I ordered a small. There are other color options as well so check them out. Only $20.99!!!!

Tunic Dress


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